Our Counsellors

We believe that in order to study one must be in the right mindset. In the age of technology this is harder than ever, especially for us young people. As a result, we think that putting the student in the right mindset is as important as ensuring high quality counselling. From our own experience, we have learned that we are much more comfortable in an environment with our peers than with a teacher who is douple or even triple our age. As a result, we are a firm believer that students who have themselves recently undergone their own application process are the best tutors one can have.

What makes out our counsellors

Meet the counsellors

Counsellors hidden
At the discretion of our counsellors we have chosen to hide their identity. The reason for this is that our counsellors are students at highly prestigious universities around the globe and would not like to be identified. Our students will, of course, directly contact their counsellors and interact with them personally.