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School. Education is about more than just grades.

Our journey commences here: School. A place where some people look back with utmost positivity, happiness, excitement, some even like to call it “the time of their life” and others … well others would simply rather not look back. Don’t get us wrong we at Tutor Austria aren’t here to play the awkward uncle Jim who swears upon the fact “that school-time is the best time” and everything that happens after is simply torture. If anything, we totally disagree with uncle Jim (keep in mind this is a tutor agency speaking). However, what we do believe in is the cliché saying of "making the most of every situation". More often than not all a student needs is a friend who is willing and able to devote their time and energy into understanding the hardships day to day school life offers. And we want to be that friend. All tutors at Tutor Austria are recent graduates and hence aren’t only aware of the current curriculum but also the difficulties it comes with. Let us be that friend that offers a helping hand so you can go through school life the way you want to and maybe one day look back and think "you know what, it wasn’t too bad after all".

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University. You choose your future.

You may have reached the end of stage 2, but at Tutor Austria our job is only just beginning. We don’t just want you to achieve the grades you want for school; we also want you to achieve the grades you need to get into the university of your dreams. With the help of our expert team at Higher Education Consulting Vienna, we will help you strategise and prepare to prove to elite universities around the world why you really are the ideal candidate!

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Working. The job of your life.

Finally, you’ve made it! You’ve graduated! Your higher education has come to an end. But at Tutor Austria our mission is not yet complete! After helping you achieve the right results at school, and entry into the best universities, we want to help you one last time by offering our services to support and coach you to towards what it’s all been for; securing the job and/or apprenticeship of your dreams.